Shadow and Bone – A Short Overview

Shadow and Bone has been adapted for the small screen by Netflix! The mini-series follows the first book of the Grishaverse trilogy along with a made-for-the-series storyline featuring several Six of Crows characters to add some more excitement. Let’s dig in—and be on high alert for some spoilers!

The story opens with Alina arriving at the encampment outside the Fold—a swath of darkness full of monsters that stretches on for miles—and reuniting with Mal. Now, it’s been a while since I read the books, and I know I’ve forgotten a lot, but this much seemed very close from what I can remember. Alina and Mal’s backstory is fed to us slowly through flashbacks throughout, but they fit and don’t pull you out of the action too much.

As for the Six of Crows characters (Inej, Jesper, Kaz—Rottie, Tante Helene, and the infamous Pekka Rollins as well), they start out in Ketterdam (but of course) but their objective is to find a way through the Fold to get to Alina and kidnap her. Sharpshooting, heists, and goats ensue (the goat bit is HILARIOUS. Trust me.) Helene and Rollins are there to upset things, naturally, and Rottie is there for a bit of a nod to the Crows duology. There are a lot of fun moments of foreshadowing (“Bolliger won’t play” being a throwaway reference to Big Bolliger, and the painting Kaz had stolen makes an appearance.) Of course, these characters were not in the Shadow and Bone trilogy, but make a compelling addition nonetheless.

In a third storyline, as you probably have guessed, we get Matthias’ and Nina’s backstory. It’s set up a little differently from the book, but it works and makes Nina seem even more kick-butt than she already is.

Back to Alina’s storyline…

Like the novel, Alina’s a bit too whiny for my liking, but it is what it is. There is a lot of chemistry between her and the Darkling, and one NSFW moment between them. Ahem. Ben Barnes makes the Darkling a sympathetic character, one that I found myself rooting for, despite myself.

All in all, a very enjoyable show. I’m re-watching it now!

Have you seen the show? What did you think?

Keep your nose in a book,

2 thoughts on “Shadow and Bone – A Short Overview”

  1. Highly impressed by the Netflix series. I join in recommending it. I’ve read the Six of Crows duology, but haven’t yet read the original trilogy or the King of Scars books; but I thought the casting of the characters in the video was brilliant and the story line handled impeccably. The world is a little dark and violent for my taste — but that makes it all the more remarkable that I liked it so well. 🙂

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