Pre-orders and a New Bio

There are only eleven days until HOLES IN THE VEIL releases, so be sure to get your order in—if you want pre-order incentives, that is. More about that here.

Today I just wanted to share my new long bio that I wrote for Flame Tree. It’s exactly 300 words long—at least, according to my word processor it is. Ready? No? Well, watch this short “tutorial” on how NOT to write a fantasy novel first. Then read the bio 🙂

“Beth Overmyer was born and raised near Oberlin, Ohio, and she hasn’t moved far. The charming college town is a favorite haunt of hers for daydreaming when writing and planning fantasy novels. One of Beth’s greatest inspirations for her writing is found in the author J.R.R. Tolkien. The first novel she read by him was The Hobbit, which inspired her to take up the pen and make her own adventures in the realm of fantasy. Other literary heroes include Brandon Sanderson (especially his original Mistborn trilogy), Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, Douglas Adams, and Neil Gaiman. When not writing, Beth can be found reading fantasy novels, cozy mysteries, and almost any book she can get on the craft of putting words on the page. She has also volunteered at her local public library as a creative writing club leader.

Most of Beth’s education was at home, taught by her mother and various moms in P.A.T.H. and N.iC.H.E., two homeschool groups that met at churches in northern Ohio. After high school, Beth attended a community college, studying theater. She decided that the written word was more her style, so after taking a few courses, Beth took to writing as her career.

Beth has had short fiction published in Lorelei Signal, AlienSkin, Alphanumeric, and a few anthologies. Novels are now her main focus.

Booklist says book one of The Goblets Immortal trilogy, Beth’s Flame Tree debut, is “Packed full of adventure and ending with a cliffhanger that leaves readers anxiously awaiting a sequel.” And Publishers Weekly calls book two a “slow-burning mystery” with “plenty to hold fans’ interest.”

HOLES IN THE VEIL, the second book in The Goblets Immortal trilogy, is Overmyer’s third published novel.

You can find Beth online at bethovermyer.com. Her Twitter handle is @Bethyo, and her Facebook page is http://facebook.com/BethOvermyer.”

That’s it for now. Keep your nose in a book,

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