Shop Small

Happy Thanksgiving! A day late, I know, but here we are. What did you do for the holiday, my American friends?

Today is Black Friday. It’ll be different this year, I’m somewhat certain. I really hope the health and safety of workers are put first. I’m sure Cyber Monday will be business as usual. But speaking of shopping days, tomorrow is the day we’re encouraged to…Shop Small. Yes, Shop Small Saturday, the day where we’re asked to give small and local businesses our attention. That can look like ordering a pizza from a locally owned pizzeria, picking up a cake from an indie bakery, dropping in a local shop that’s not a big chain or franchise. But don’t forget the online small businesses. Sellers on Etsy, for starters. And for your reading pleasure, Flame Tree Press sells awesome horror, fantasy, sci-fi and mystery books in e-book, hard cover, paperback, and audio. They’re worth checking out, for sure. You can buy directly from their site, or check Barnes & Noble’s site (though FT’s books are in some bricks-and-mortar stores now!), BAM!, and the like.

I hope whatever you do, you stay safe and healthy.

Keep your nose in a book,

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