The Goblets Immortal – In Bookstores!

The Goblets Immortal is in over a dozen brick and mortar Barnes & Noble stores across the US right now! Author acquaintance Rick Ellrod snapped this shot from his local B&N:

These are exciting times for me, y’all. I’ve always dreamed of having a book in a physical store like this. Thanks to Rick for snapping a shot! If you see The Goblets Immortal in a physical store, please send me a shot. I will love you forever: bethovermyer@gmail.com

In other news, as of 10/10/2020, there are 23 pre-order incentives left for Holes in the Veil. What are the incentives, you ask? There is a signed bookplate, a button pin with the last line of the Goblets Immortal poem, and three charms (a dagger, a horse, and a goblet.) All you have to do is send me an email with your proof of purchase. US only, unless you’re subscribed to my newsletter, then it’s the first three international subscribers to pre-order.

Keep your nose in a book,

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