It’s September!

It’s September. How did this happen? Didn’t we just begin June?

On the other hand…

FINALLY! This year is taking FOREVER. Like, can we be to January ’21 already? Sheesh.

Complaining aside, here is a kitty to welcome you into the the season of soups and pumpkins and sweaters and Halloween and gratitude and feasts and…well, coziness (because cats are cozy, too):

It’s Bowie! Isn’t he cute? (For the vision impaired: the image is of my orange and white tabby. He has wide yellow eyes and a pink nose. In the picture, he’s staring at the camera, white whiskers forward.)

In writing news, I have six days left to turn in the changes I want made to Holes in the Veil. During the past week or so, I’ve been going over it and so has a proofreader. The next step from there, I believe, is for me to go over the proofreader’s changes and give the thumbs up or down to Flame Tree.

I’m also busy working on book three, the title of which is still being formed. Here’s a scene from my writing space. ‘Scuse the mess!

(For the vision impaired; The picture is of my work station. A computer screen with a PDF of book two is pictured, along with my cluttered desk. Front and center is a planner with hasty notes scribbled on it in black pen.)

What’s happening with you guys? Reading anything good?

Keep your nose in a book,

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