Why The Hobbit Movie/s Disappointed Me

Confession time: I have only seen the first Hobbit movie in its entirety. The rest? I’ve only caught bits and pieces, coming in and out of the room when my mom is watching. The reason? The first movie (can’t recall its subtitle) really bummed me out.

And, as the years have gone by since its release, I’ve mulled over why it bummed me out so much. When I mentioned it on Twitter, I was informed that Peter Jackson was under time constraints and it wasn’t his fault that the movie didn’t meet its full potential. All righty, then. I wasn’t watching it for Peter Jackson. In fact, it’s time for a second confession:

Out of the Lord of the Rings movies, I only enjoyed The Fellowship of the Ring.

*runs from raving mob*

And that gives me some insight into why I don’t like the Hobbit films: I’m in love with my imaginary version of Middle Earth. Yes, the sets were delightful, the characters looked delightful, everything looked pretty much as it was described in the book. But nothing can quite match up with the action you have running in your head as you read a book. You’re the director, the actors, the…well, not the screenwriter, but a lot of the crew that pitches in to make a movie.

Think Beorn could have been better done? Recast him in your imagination! Despise the way someone said a line in the movie? Redub it in your mind when you’re reading the book.

These are just some thoughts on the matter…which I’ve probably shared before, but I can’t remember if or when.

What about YOU? Can you think of any movies that you liked better than the book? I’d love to know!

Keep your nose in a book,

Update on pre-orders: As of 8/27, there are 27 incentives left.

3 thoughts on “Why The Hobbit Movie/s Disappointed Me”

  1. I’m also a bit ambivalent about “The Hobbit.” I think the movie version is overlong, for one thing.

    I did like the movie version of The Lord of the Rings. (LIKE it? It’s my favorite movie of all time. 🙂 ) It isn’t perfect, of course — the book is better — but it was close enough to my imagining of Middle-Earth to qualify, and where it differed, in many cases the changes struck me as a valid reimagining of the story. (Not in all cases. I’m saving a detailed knock-down-drag-out analysis for a blog post sometime.)

    It’s rare for the movie to be better than the book, but it does sometimes happen. Some of my candidates include The Three Musketeers, Stardust, The Princess Bride, The Rocketeer. (Hey, wait a minute, didn’t you have a blog post on this very topic in October 2019?!)

    Sounds like a fine topic for endless debate! 🙂


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    1. HI Rick!

      Yeah, The Hobbit was WAAAAAY longer than it needed to be. I didn’t like the love subplot they added, but I understand trying to appeal to more audiences.

      I’m curious: did you watch the movie TOLKIEN?

      It is very rare for movies to better their books. I agree 100% with Stardust. I haven’t read The Princess Bride, but it on my TBR list. (Good catch! I’d forgotten all about that post back in October, lol!)

      Indeed! I can see many people enjoying a good, long debate on books vs. their movies. It’s always fun hearing other’s takes on things. It’s funny how much opinions can vary in families, even! My twin sister is bored to death by superhero movies and I LOVE them. And whereas I’ll read almost anything that I think is well-written, she is very picky and avoids a lot of fantasy. (Sorry, that was a long side note, lol.)


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      1. I did see the Tolkien biopic. Fascinating. I’d read enough about JRRT’s background that most of the facts were familiar — but it’s another thing to see them depicted in live action.

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