Hand Washing Recitations

For those with a literary bent who want to wash their hands for the recommended amount of time but have yet to find a piece of work to to do it to, a few ideas:

20 seconds:

From “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes

The wind was a torrent of darkness

Among the gusty trees

The moon was a ghostly galleon

Tossed upon cloudy seas

The road was a ribbon of moonlight

Over the purple moor 

When the highwayman came riding, riding, riding

The highwayman came riding

Up to the old inn door

25 seconds:

From “I’d Pluck a Fair Rose” by Anne Dudley (song from the PBS series Poldark), singing with held notes and pauses

I’d a pluck a fair rose for my love
I’d a pluck a red rose blowin’
Love’s in my heart, I’m tryin’ so to prove
What you heart’s knowin’

30 seconds:

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: Elizabeth’s refusal

“`In such cases as this, it is, I believe, the established mode to express a sense of obligation for the sentiments avowed, however unequally they may be returned. It is natural that obligation should be felt, and if I could feel gratitude, I would now thank you. But I cannot — I have never desired your good opinion, and you have certainly bestowed it most unwillingly. I am sorry to have occasioned pain to any one. It has been most unconsciously done, however, and I hope will be of short duration.'”

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