Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

slaine and aidan

Next week, most of us will cling to that .005% Irish that we believe we are. We’ll eat strange-to-us foods. Some of us will drink far too much beer. While others still, probably the majority, will do absolutely nothing out of the ordinary because we couldn’t care less about St. Paddy’s.

Speaking of the Irish….

There is a wee bit of Irish influence in The Goblets Immortal books. Namely, my two lead characters’ names: Aidan and Slaíne (though the Irish way is just Slaine—and the Scottish way has an accent over the A, not the I.)

Aidan is an Anglicized version of Aodhan, which means “little fire.”

Slaine means “health.” No, it does not sound like “slain.” The correct way to say it is “SLAH-neh” (or “SLAW-neh” in my character’s case.)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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