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Book Lover’s Christmas List

If you have an avid reader on your Christmas shopping list, here are some ideas that will hopefully spark your imagination.


Shopping for a Jane Austen fan? These advent calendar gift bags look awesome! Each day up until Christmas has a numbered bag with a print of an Austen character on it, along with their name and what book they appear in. You could put all sorts of cool little gifts in each bag and make it a yearly tradition.

Know a Harry Potter fan (skip this if you’re squeamish about destroyed books—GASP!)? Here’s an awesome purse made of the cover of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. So cool!

Also for Potterheads: a quirky little gift that I’ve found quite handy…a microwavable pot holder that fits a bowl perfectly. You can heat up your soup without fear of burning your hands as you eat, and read your favorite Potter book.

Peter Pan fans, rejoice! Here’s an infinity scarf with some of the words from the book printed on it, along with a silhouette of Tinker Bell.

Here are a bunch of awesome book-themed candles. So clever, and most of their products smell AMAZING.

This is a really cool-looking bookmark that can hold your book open: anchor bookmark.

Any Coraline fans? Here’s a fun journal.

This T-shirt, because social interactions are overrated.

If they don’t mind defacing their books (hehe), here’s a neat library stamp to mark their property.
Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up keeping these gifts for yourself.

Keep your nose in a book,

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