The Usual Cliche Horror Stories: Colds

Men and women supposedly react very differently when sick. I don’t like to sort people into groups, but this is what I’ve witnessed in my family:

Sick Dad: *feeble voice* i am so sick. i am dying. want me to cough for you?

Sick Sister: I will not get sick. I will sanitize ALL THE THINGS.

Sick Mom: I’m sick? Oh.

Me: I HATE ALL YOU PEOPLE! *curls up, growling* STAY AWAY!

Yes, I turn into a freakin’, raging LUNATIC. And guess how I’m doing right now? You guessed it: I’m a freakin’, raging LUNATIC. Achoo. Bless me…THEN LEAVE ME ALONE!

^^Okay, so I exaggerated maybe just a little (at least, with me.) If Rach or I get hurt, we’re EXACTLY that. I mean, you just stubbed your toe. The last thing you want to say is “I’m OK.” No,  I want to scream profanities. I am NOT OK. I am the polar OPPOSITE of OK, okay?

But when I’m sick? Right now I just want to curl up with a book. Sadly, life will not let me do that. I have to adult. I do not want to adult. *sobs*

Keep your pen on the page…and please pass the tissues,

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