Opinion, Please!

So, I have a website. This: Beth Overmyer, Author <–click on me, please!

My question to you, writers and readers, is do I need it? Should I move everything to WordPress? Most pros say “You need a website! And keep it updated!” Well, there’s not really much to updating a website. I mean, I might have news a couple times a year that I deem worthy of a fairly-static site update. Blogs, on the other hand, are full of all kinds of constant, random updates. Do I need both?

Would love your take on the site I linked you to above (http://bethovermyer.weebly.com/), and opinions as to whether or not I still need it.

Keep your pen on the page,

P.S. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Opinion, Please!”

  1. Here’s my entirely unwarranted opinion (’cause heck if I know what I’m doing myself, gosh):
    Do you need both? No seriously. I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. No lies.

    I had been lead to believe that one could streamline the two, a la have the author page connected to the blog, or vice versa. It seems like you’ve sorta done that, at least in the sense that your author’s page links to your blog. You author’s page looks really nice, by the way. It’s very clean and balanced, not crazy scattered and overly cluttered like I’ve seen on some other pages (and i love the gold/brown color tones). So please don’t lose the formatting if you do intend to make a switch.

    Is there a way to host your “static” page-content on your blog rather than have both? Or move your blog over to your static page on a sub-page? I think it may be easier for people to remember one url, than two, but even that is a rather presumptuous reason to make any major change (I–like most people I’d imagine–bookmark the pages I want to keep tabs on and rarely make the effort to memorize urls, though for marketing reasons it *is* nice to have something memorable).

    I’m fond of wordpress now that I’ve been using it for a wee bit, though it does have its limitations. And it certainly makes it easier for people in that realm of the webs to leave comments and such. It seems to be a running theme that if it’s not easy (or already part of the setup) for people to log-in to leave comments… they just won’t. :/ Too big of a hassle and understandably so. Fortunately WordPress is pretty good about making it more or less easy to subscribe, ect.

    My two-cented rambling in any case!

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