Hippity Hoppity

I’m hearing the pitter-patter of little bunny feet. Plot bunnies. Who invited THEM?!?! No, seriously. I need to know. And I need to set up traps.

Over the weekend, I came up with five new concepts: three are for a series of cozy mysteries, the other two are urban fantasy and may or may not have martial arts O_O I just need a book with a sword fight now, something I actually know a little about!

I’m happy for so many ideas, despite what I may say. I just…I wish they would come AFTER I finish a project, not DURING the writing process >.< Oy vey. Distraction much?


In other news…the second Mockingjay movie comes out this week! My mom has no idea who lives, who dies, and who Katniss ends up with…if anyone. Yeah, I’m about the only one who thought the book ended how it was supposed to end. It wasn’t an easy ending, but it was the brave one (for the author)–imo.

Well, I’m off to write. Or slay plot bunnies.

Keep your pen on the page,

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