Why Writing a Blog Post at 4:00 is Just Wrong

Sleep-deprivation. This brain = caffeine-free. The mission? To prove that I can write a coherent blog post without legal addictive stimulants and, oh yes, that thing called sleep. Took me a moment to come up with the right word, but I did, points me.

So, how do I prove that I am perfectly capable of not babbling on about nonsense that makes me laugh like a hyena (spelled on first go–booyah) in heat? I almost said dry heat, but you did not hear it from me. Oh, wait..

Coherency! That is my mission. Let me start again.

I am tired. I am bored. I am decaffeinated (shoot, took TWO tries on that one–I hate twos.) And I am out to write my second blog post for the week, because that is what I do. But at 4:00 am? I am sooo going to regret it when I open my browser in the morning. And by morning, I mean the real morning, when NORMAL people get up.

So, progress (distract them, throw them off the scent of your unawakefulness–DANG not a word–by throwing to-do lists and statistics at them. Yes, Precious. That will work just beautifully.) …

Revised the first 2.5 chapters of TWG (I would give the meaning of the inititals–coherent?–but I am fond of keeping people in the dark.) Things are progressing nicely, imho. Hopefully, with James Scott Bell’s help (love his books, btw–self-help for writers, wot wot) I will come out with a passable 1.5 draft…which then will still need to be sacrificed on the altars of something clever here.

Did I mention I’m caffeine-free?

Progress! THAT thing.

Short story is almost written for anthology (fingers crossed.)

Other short story for other anthology needs to be plotted and written before November 1.

And speaking of November…NANOWRIMO!!!!!! I haz a story. Well, novelette in mind, actually. 12k max, to be vague.

And now I really must off. Note that I did only minor editing as I went. The rest is full of sleep-deprived wonderfulness. Enjoy my incoherency…Shoot. Did it again….

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