An Ode to Monday

The love of Monday is the root of all sorts of evil.

Monday, a day only its mother could love.

O cruel fiend, robbing us of the weekend! Thrusting us bleary-eyed and sleep-drunk into the week! A pox upon thee!

Can we say drama much? How my Monday started (it’s 5:06 as I type this):

  • No sleep
  • I read over 100 pages of All the Light We Cannot See
  • Cat vomits on floor
  • I clean up said vomit
  • And someone calls us at 1:00 AM–TWICE. Barbarians!

And all this before a coffee. Only, I don’t drink coffee–usually. And Mondays really aren’t that bad. For me at least. Why?, you ask. Well, that’s another post for another day 😉

Wishing you a happy week, lived on purpose, and a happy New Year to my Jewish friends and readers!

Keep your pen on the page,

Author: bethovermyer

Beth Overmyer wears several hats, all belonging to different writers. From fantastical kidlit to everyday popular fiction, Beth pens her work with gusto. In 2008, her screenplay The Method won best comedy at Gotham Screen’s contest, and in 2012, her MG book In a Pickle came out from MuseItUp Publishing.

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