Say Something Funny, Beth


^ How I felt inside every time a certain relative asked me to “Say something funny, Beth.” Apparently, as a child, I was a comedian. NOT. Did you know that it’s hard to be funny, I mean LAUGH OUT LOUD funny under pressure when you’re ten and only know booger and knock-knock jokes? And puns. Oh, the puns! But that was the request. At night. When I was trying to sleep. Oy vey.

And now as I sit typing this post with no general direction in mind, I wander off the path of humor and look at the flip side of the coin: …silliness. You thought I was going to say something dark and gloomy, didn’t you? I almost did. I deleted it. It’s easy to be silly. ANYONE can be silly. It takes talent, finesse, perhaps even pain to make someone humorous. It has been said that most comedians suffer a great deal in some form or other (okay, there’s the darkness.) It also said that comedies are harder to pull off than dramas, but I digress.

I guess I’m just writing this to say that kindness is so important. “Be kinder than is even necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” Funny people may be funny to alleviate the suffering in others, because they’ve been there and don’t want others to have to experience it. Thank them. Be kind and generous to them. Be kind and generous to everyone, but the next time someone cracks a joke at their own expense, look deeper.

I liked the quote from the new live action Cinderella movie: “Have courage and be kind.” I can think of nothing better to end this random, wandering post with.

Keep your pen on the page,

P.S. Happy Labor Day! I hope you’re enjoying a long weekend. If you’re working, thank you 🙂

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