If You Can’t Think of Anything to Say…

…open a dialogue box and start typing, wot wot! Ready to find out what this blog post is about? ME, TOO!

There’s the old adage: if you can’t think of anything nice to say, don’t say anything. Let’s twist that a little, shall we? Let’s face it, I’m a little twisted anyway. Or maybe reword it is a better phrase:

The Internet is full of trolls: don’t feed them, and don’t become one. TROLL in the DUNGEON. TROLL IN THE DUNGEON…thought you ought to know *faints* (For all you non-Harry Potter people, I feel great pity.)


(To the tune of the hit single “Radioactive“)

I’m typing up
A quick response
To Rude_Butt_Number_One_Idiot
He’s really ticked me off now
Grr! RAWR!

I’m raging on
I’m calling names
He’s the one you should really blame
This is it: I’m reporting him. Whoa-oo!

I’m logging off

This tool’s got the best of me
I’m throwing fits (and my TV)
Welcome to a new rage
User webpage
I need to disengage
This day and age

Whoa-ooo, Whoa-ooo,
I’m over-reactive, over-reactive
Ooh, oohh,
I’m over-reactive, over-reactive


Anger’s got me snowed
The site has banned him and I
Don’t feed the trolls
They’re on ev’ry site


Thoughts on trolls? Ever dealt with one?

Keep your pen on the page,

2 thoughts on “If You Can’t Think of Anything to Say…”

  1. Genius! 🙂 I’ve dealt with a few trolls in my day across all topics such as Harry Potter to misogyny, but at the end of the day it seems to come down to immaturity. Oh well. The more people can learn to listen and appreciate other opinions, the better!

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