How to Help Your OCD Writer Friend

I have OCD. No, not in that cutesy “Oh, she’s so organized!” sort of way. I mean, if you took one look at my desk, you would know this. (Don’t look at my desk, please. Disaster area. This is where the OCD organizers go to lose hope.) I’m a perfectionist, granted, but I’m also an… Continue reading How to Help Your OCD Writer Friend


Creative Stereotypes

When it comes to writing there are many stereotypes that are mostly ridiculous, like there’s a one size fits all for every author on earth. There might be a few that ring somewhat true for a large group, but no two people are 100% alike. Stereotypes for writers often include the following: The starving artist… Continue reading Creative Stereotypes


The Comfort of Animals

A week ago this Wednesday, I was talking with a writing pal over coffee at my favorite café. Well, Sharon had the coffee, I had a bagel. But I digress. We touched on many topics, but one that sticks out to me most was about animals and how good they are for us humans. Some… Continue reading The Comfort of Animals