Which LOTR Hobbit are You?

Just for fun, I thought I’d make up a short hobbit personality quiz. Don’t take it too seriously 😉

  • Of the following, which would you say is your greatest strength?
    a. Taking responsibility
    b. Loyalty
    c. The ability to see the best in people
    d. A sense of fun and adventure
  • Of the following, what would you say is your greatest weakness?
    a. Trying to bear burdens alone
    b. Bashfulness/insecurity
    c. Giving in to peer pressure
    d. Shirking responsibility
  • At a party, what would you most likely be doing?
    a. I tend to avoid parties
    b. Listening to other talk
    c. Dancing, drinking/eating, having fun
    d. Talking and creating memories
  • If you saw someone steal something, what would you do?
    a. Tell the store owner/call the police
    b. Confront the thief
    c. Do/say nothing
    d. Tell friends about it later; it’s a good story!
  • How do you feel about talking on the phone?
    a. I don’t answer the phone
    b. I don’t like it, but it’s rude not to answer
    c. I’ll talk to anyone who calls
    d. I’m the one doing the calling
  • Do you have a lot of close friends?
    a. I have a good number of friends, but not many close ones
    b. I have few friends, fewer close ones
    c. I’ll be friends with anyone who is friendly to me
    d. No one’s a stranger once you’ve talked to them
  • Which of the following is your favorite genre to read in?
    a. Adventure/fantasy/sci-fi
    b. Non-fiction
    c. Anything funny/witty
    d. I’m not much of a reader
  • Which hobbit do you relate to the most?
    a. Frodo
    b. Sam
    c. Merry
    d. Pippin



A: Frodo

B: Sam

C: Merry

D: Pippin

And, in the event of ties:

AB: Bilbo

DB: Fatty Bolger

CD: Definitely some Took

BC: A Baggins through and through

AC: Rosie

AD: Gollum (related to hobbitses)

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