A Short Overview of WandaVision

WandaVision takes place several months (or weeks) after Bruce Banner snapped his fingers and brought half of the world’s population back after Thanos’ purge. It opens with Wanda Maximoff and the Vision in a black and white tribute to The Dick Van Dyke show…but with magic. It isn’t clear in the first episode why there’s a laugh track and why Vision and Wanda can’t seem to remember their history together. It’s just like they’ve always been together. But the first sign that really shows that something is very wrong is at a dinner party with the titular couple and Vision’s boss. (I don’t want to give spoilers!)

Every—well, most of the episodes—take place in a different decade, starting in the 50s going up to the 00s, each a tribute to a famous sitcom from its time period. But are Wanda and Vision trapped inside a TV show…or something more sinister at work? Also, isn’t Vision supposed to be, you know…dead?

I really enjoyed this limited series and think it is a great addition to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe.) The acting is superb, and the writers really mess with viewers—especially those who are waiting and hoping for the MCU to merge with the X-Men and other franchises whose rights had been sold.

The line that best sums the series’ theme up: “What is grief if not love persevering?”

If you’re not big into Marvel and haven’t seen most or any of the movies, you will probably be fairly lost. Sure the writers throw in details that are a must-know, but I think it would be hard to appreciate this show coming in cold. As far as the source material goes, I haven’t read the comics, though I highly recommend looking up articles and reading the diehard fans’ comments and arguments; it’s a great way to learn more!


Have you seen WandaVision? What did you think? My comments are always open!

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2 thoughts on “A Short Overview of WandaVision”

  1. “WandaVision” is an odd mix. I’m not sure the weirdness is worth the payoff, though it certainly generates some entertaining moments.

    I’ve posted some comments elsewhere (https://rickellrod.com/2021/04/06/picking-up-the-pieces/) about the Marvel universe’s apparent drift into post-Snap dystopia. I’m not entirely pleased about the way things are going. But there are definitely bright spots here and there — one of them marked by the memorable line you quoted.

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