Baking With Beth: Chocolate Pie

What has chocolate pie got to do with writing? Very little, in this instance. There is no chocolate in the world I created in THE GOBLETS IMMORTAL, sadly. But there are pies and tarts and the like! So, tuck in. Or, rather, put on your apron and follow me on a culinary adventure!

Unfortunately, I do not have permission to share the family recipe. It belonged to my grandma and possibly her mother before her. I originally was going to post it, but I thought the better of it, not wanting to step on anyone’s toes. That’s the same for the crust recipe (it belonged to a family friend.)

But fear not! Here’s a somewhat similar recipe to what I made: Old-fashioned chocolate pie.

This crust really complements the pie, especially if you choose to use unsweetened baker’s chocolate, which is what my grandma always did. I used semi-sweet, which is nice, but there’s something about this crust….

Would you look at those yolks? So perfect, I had to get a shot!

That was just starting out, obviously. This was the second time I made this pie. A lot of work, a lot of love. A lot of stirring….

Did I mention a lot of stirring? As of this writing, I’m still not convinced it’s going to hold shape when I cut into it.

This result does at least look mighty good…if I do say so myself…and I do 😉

Keep your nose in a book,

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