Thankful…Even in 2020

This is the time of year where many people share things they are thankful for. My church is putting together a compilation of videos from congregants sharing their gratitude for things from the year 2020. The year 2020. This is going to be a difficult one to find much gratitude for. Or maybe that’s a bad attitude.

Is it awful to feel guilty? 2020 was bad, but it wasn’t awful for me. I’ve social distanced, which has been hard, but I have my health and am provided for. There are so many out there struggling more than I am. With that in mind, I’ll make my list of gratitude:

I am thankful for…

– Family

– Friends

– My cats

– Health

– Shelter

– Work

– Books (always thankful for that escape from reality)

– Flame Tree Press, which is an awesome publisher

– Tea (how could I not mention this?)

– Chocolate (same!)

What are some things that YOU are grateful for? Please share in the comments. I think we all could use some good, positive things.

Keep your nose in a book,

Cricket is thankful for warm blankets to sleep on!

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