Status: Hating Conflict

In case you were wondering how my life is going: I forgot to flip my calendar to June. Oops. I’m still in May, I guess. All loss of the sense of the passage of time aside, I’ve been having troubles lately with conflict. I mean, I’m not butting heads with anybody, but the smallest hint of disagreement has me spinning my wheels. This is making copy edits…interesting.

Every time I open that Word document with my editors’ comments, my pulse doubles and I break out in a cold sweat. Am I exaggerating? Nope.

I’ve always been a peace-loving type, but this is getting ridiculous. I can’t even READ about fictional characters disagreeing or thinking the other is upset with them. Conflict is what makes a book, and I’ve written plenty of it. Why am I so weird? And why has it gotten worse?

I think that right now is a very volatile time in everyone’s lives. There’s COVID, unjust killings by police, and many other issues the US and the world are facing. Maybe I’ve sort of retreated a bit into myself.

So, if I’m quiet here on WordPress or anywhere online don’t be surprised.

Keep your nose in a book,

4 thoughts on “Status: Hating Conflict”

  1. A perfectly reasonable way to feel right now, Beth. I’ve noticed a distinct drift toward lighter or more peaceful material myself. (Just finished rereading Connie Willis’s _To Say Nothing of the Dog_ — familiar with that one?)

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      1. I’d definitely recommend it. A Hugo winner. (On the other hand, while her _Doomsday Book_ is excellent, it’s a little too apropos and somber for our moment. Willis has a wide range. Then there’s _Crosstalk_, which is a science fiction romantic comedy . . .)

        I figure we can never have too much comfort reading. 🙂

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