Comforting Things

This is a time where we all could use a little extra comfort. What are some things in literature and in real life that bring you a calm happiness? What lights a comfy tealight in your soul?

For me it’s…

CATS, because they are the bestest, snuggliest good-os there are

Bed Takeover

TEA with enough sugar to make a fairy’s teeth rot


BOOKS, whether they end bitter-sweetly or HEA (happily ever after–which is the kind of ending I’m leaning toward these days)


CANDLES ^ like the ones from FrostBeard that are literary-themed

THE FOOD IN HARRY POTTER–’cause who doesn’t want to try a sip of butterbeer?

FRIENDS AND FAMILY–I have some of the best!

I would actually adore it if you shared your comforts in the comments below. We all could use some cheer 🙂

Keep your nose in a book,


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