Lessons I’ve Learned: Quarantine Edition

Well, self-isolation is ending in some places (I’m not getting into whether or not I agree with that) while social distancing is still encouraged. It’s times like these that we learn something about ourselves. Someone online suggested that you are boiled down to your essential, true self.

I did learn some things about me during “quarantine.” Like that fact that I am easily stressed and grow distraught at the drop of a hat. Those are two things I’ve always known on a certain level, but never really admitted to myself. I also learned that I have self-control. I had one “panic-buy” and that was a small bag of cat food on Chewy. Cricket’s on a special diet and needs it, so it wasn’t a ridiculous purchase.

Besides that little bit of self-discovery, I have a few takeaways from this whole ordeal. Some are obvious, but I’ll list ‘em anyway.

– Kindness is king.

We’re all miserable on different levels, and being mean just adds fuel to the collective blah. Plus, I believe in a form of Karma called “You reap what you sow.” Also, that kindness should extend to yourself on some levels. It’s not an excuse to be lazy or allow yourself a pass to do whatever, but more a “Hey, I don’t beat up on other people, why am I doing it to myself?” sort of thing.

– Some days, nothing gets done. And that’s okay.

It’s not always possible to have a productive day. Illness can lay you flat on your back or you’re down for the count due to depression or injury, or maybe you’re so exhausted you just need to curl up in ball and binge Netflix. I get it. Besides, it’s not every day.

I have two songs competing songs in my head—well, lines from them:

“And a wasted day in your life is more than a crime”


“Nothing’s wasted in the hands of the Redeemer.”

Both are Christian songs (first one by dc Talk “Time is Tickin’ Away” and a singer whose name I can’t remember.) You know, we all have waste, but Someone’s able to make something out of it. Hey, if He could create a universe from nothing, he can turn a missed opportunity and a lazy day into something great too. And there’s a Day of Rest for a reason.

– Sharing bad information that you didn’t cross-check is the same as lying.

You’re not only hurting your rep and credibility by doing it, you’re potentially harming others by misinforming them.


What is something you’ve learned during this global crisis? Any words of wisdom to share? I’d love to hear from you!

Keep your nose in a book,

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