How to Say I LOVE YOU to a Writer



There are many ways to show a person you love them, through word and deed. Growing up, a favorite song of mine was dc Talk’s “Love is a Verb.” It stresses how the words can become overused quickly and lose their meaning when your actions don’t match up with what you’re saying. Not to say that the words aren’t important. Everyone needs to hear that they are loved. And writers, for Pete’s sake—we LOVE words. But here are a few ways to express love to the writer in your life.

  1. Tell them what you like about their writing. I’m not talking generic compliments like “You write well” or “I like your writing.” Take your time to think about what part of writing they are particularly good at or what piece of their writing you really enjoyed and try to pinpoint the why. Which brings us to idea two:
  2. Read their writing. Especially if you’re going to comment on it. It would be hurtful to hear that you’re a good writer from the very person who refuses to read your words. Yikes!
  3. Buy their books, if they have any available.
  4. Review their books…only if you can leave an honest review.
  5. Tell others about their books, and encourage people to buy them.
  6. Encourage them when they have writer’s block or receive a bad review. Writers, unfortunately, are in a vulnerable field and tend to be vulnerable to begin with. Make sure you support them.
  7. Brag on them to the point of embarrassment.
  8. Give them a writing space.
  9. Give them uninterrupted time to write.
  10. Make dinner for them and/or do some of their housework, especially when it’s getting close to a deadline.


Do you have a writer in your life? What are some ways you show your love to them?

Keep your nose in a book,


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