Love = Feeding

The lengths we’ll go for someone we love, am I right?

My cat Chester (2003 – 2016–almost 2017) had had renal failure for almost six years when he died. To take care of him and to keep his life happy and comfortable, we had to mix Epakitin in moist food twice a day, gave him 1/4 of an antacid once a day in a Pill Pocket or any treat we could trick him into eating, fed him a special kidney diet, took him to vet appointments every so many months to get his blood toxin levels tested, and we had to administer subcutaneous fluids a few times a month. The vet was shocked that Chester lived so long after his diagnosis–and lived happily and comfortably at that.

Another thing I love (not as much as God, people, or pets, so don’t worry 😉 ) is my writing. How much do I love it, though?

I buy/read books to study the craft of writing. I critique others’ works, and sometimes people critique mine. But other than those things, how am I feeding my writing? My craft?

Some things I could do to improve my quality of writing life:

  • Read more (I read a decent amount, but I can always up my reading time and improve the quality)
  • Play. Just let myself play on the page and have fun.
  • Try other art forms, such as painting, clay sculpting, singing (I kid, I kid)
  • Take better care of my mind. There has been so much bad stuff on the internet lately, maybe it’s time to take a break from at least parts of it.
  • Take better care of my body. Better health can mean better spirits, which in turn means better quality of output


What about YOU? What do you love and how do you show it?

Keep your nose in a book,

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