Cover Reveal? (Things Heard in a Graveyard)

I’m not entirely sure that this is what I’m going with, but here’s what I’m thinking for my cover. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Should I scrap it and buy some different art?

THIAG cover reveal 2.png

Front and back, there it be^ (Sadly, I cannot do anything but color on the spine. I only have Paint to work with for that sort of thing.)


No word yet on a cover for Circus in a Shot Glass. I imagine there will be news in the next few months. Stay tuned and…

Keep your pen on the page,


2 thoughts on “Cover Reveal? (Things Heard in a Graveyard)”

  1. Beth — It looks good to me.

    If not being able to put text on the spine is a Paint limitation, have you thought about putting together a cover in MS Word — and then taking a screenshot to convert it into an image? I’ve found that works pretty well. Word can embed a lot of graphics and has a lot of tools for playing with the appearance of text.


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