Hail Hybrid

The road to being a hybrid author is an interesting one. Okay, let me back up and explain what exactly a hybrid author is–in case anyone’s wondering.

A hybrid author is an author who is both traditionally published and self-published. I have one book out with a small press (In a Pickle is out with MuseItUp), and I have a novel coming out with another small press (details to follow at a later date.) Now I’m releasing Lady Catherine Says… (December 2017) along with the print version of In a Pickle (November 2017) from Createspace. Self-pubbed and trade-pubbed.

Things I learned from the small press experience (1st time around):

  • How to take edits from an editor and apply them in a Word doc (a little trickier than it sounds if you’ve never done it)
  • What to expect promotions-wise (each publisher is different, but all authors have to do some–all right, most of their promoting)
  • How to work with a cover artist
  • Much more

Things I’m learning from self-publishing:

  • I should have ALWAYS promoted like I was self-published
  • There is a very supportive community of indies, always willing to help
  • Always give yourself extra time, because more than one thing will go wrong
  • Much more, and much more to come

And here’s another ball to throw in to the juggling game: I write in different genres and for different age groups. My audiences are big where they are, but the place where they intersect…it’s Venn diagrams all over again. No, literally. I need to sit down and see where all these “circles” intersect.

I have the Jane Austen fans. But more specifically, the ones who are on Twitter. That’s Lady Catherine Says… The 18-25 yo crowd.

I have the sweet romance fans. That’s the 30-55 yo crowd. They’re not on Twitter as much as the crowd I mentioned above.

I have the middle grade adventure fans. More specifically, boys. 9-11 yo crowd. But you don’t market directly to them, because their parents are the ones buying the books.

Who is my audience? Reading-wise, all three, one for each different book. Marketing-wise? Aim for the middle: I sell to the 35-year-old mom, who wants a book for her tween or her friend’s tween, a book for her college student sister, and a book for herself. Then I need to find out where this woman is on the internet, what SHE needs. What SHE wants. In other words, I’m here to serve the reader. That’s what a writer DOES. We entertain, inform, yes, but we also are here to serve.

So, as I continue on this process of being a hybrid, I’ll try to keep you posted on progress…or lack thereof. Hopefully not lack thereof.

Until next time, keep your pen on the page!


Coming up on the Blog of Beth Overmyer:

A blurb reveal! – On October 6th, I’ll be posting the blurb to my novelty book Lady Catherine Says: 365 Tweets of Condescension.

An author shot reveal! – Some time in October

A cover reveal! – On November 3rd, I will (hopefully) reveal the cover to Lady Catherine Says: 365 Tweets of Condescension.

A Christmas shopping list! – In early December, I plan on releasing a list of things I’ve tried and recommend as gifts for friends and family…or yourself.

Author: bethovermyer

Beth Overmyer wears several hats, all belonging to different writers. From fantastical kidlit to everyday popular fiction, Beth pens her work with gusto. In 2008, her screenplay The Method won best comedy at Gotham Screen’s contest, and in 2012, her MG book In a Pickle came out from MuseItUp Publishing.

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