Hail Hybrid

The road to being a hybrid author is an interesting one. Okay, let me back up and explain what exactly a hybrid author is–in case anyone’s wondering.

A hybrid author is an author who is both traditionally published and self-published. I have one book out with a small press (In a Pickle is out with MuseItUp), and I have a novel coming out with another small press (details to follow at a later date.) Now I’m releasing Lady Catherine Says… (December 2017) along with the print version of In a Pickle (November 2017) from Createspace. Self-pubbed and trade-pubbed.

Things I learned from the small press experience (1st time around):

  • How to take edits from an editor and apply them in a Word doc (a little trickier than it sounds if you’ve never done it)
  • What to expect promotions-wise (each publisher is different, but all authors have to do some–all right, most of their promoting)
  • How to work with a cover artist
  • Much more

Things I’m learning from self-publishing:

  • I should have ALWAYS promoted like I was self-published
  • There is a very supportive community of indies, always willing to help
  • Always give yourself extra time, because more than one thing will go wrong
  • Much more, and much more to come

And here’s another ball to throw in to the juggling game: I write in different genres and for different age groups. My audiences are big where they are, but the place where they intersect…it’s Venn diagrams all over again. No, literally. I need to sit down and see where all these “circles” intersect.

I have the Jane Austen fans. But more specifically, the ones who are on Twitter. That’s Lady Catherine Says… The 18-25 yo crowd.

I have the sweet romance fans. That’s the 30-55 yo crowd. They’re not on Twitter as much as the crowd I mentioned above.

I have the middle grade adventure fans. More specifically, boys. 9-11 yo crowd. But you don’t market directly to them, because their parents are the ones buying the books.

Who is my audience? Reading-wise, all three, one for each different book. Marketing-wise? Aim for the middle: I sell to the 35-year-old mom, who wants a book for her tween or her friend’s tween, a book for her college student sister, and a book for herself. Then I need to find out where this woman is on the internet, what SHE needs. What SHE wants. In other words, I’m here to serve the reader. That’s what a writer DOES. We entertain, inform, yes, but we also are here to serve.

So, as I continue on this process of being a hybrid, I’ll try to keep you posted on progress…or lack thereof. Hopefully not lack thereof.

Until next time, keep your pen on the page!


Coming up on the Blog of Beth Overmyer:

A blurb reveal! – On October 6th, I’ll be posting the blurb to my novelty book Lady Catherine Says: 365 Tweets of Condescension.

An author shot reveal! – Some time in October

A cover reveal! – On November 3rd, I will (hopefully) reveal the cover to Lady Catherine Says: 365 Tweets of Condescension.

A Christmas shopping list! – In early December, I plan on releasing a list of things I’ve tried and recommend as gifts for friends and family…or yourself.

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