Tea and Book Pairings

THE NIGHT CIRCUS could be paired with a caramel-flavored tea (perhaps Tazo’s vanilla caramel chai for a bit of a kick.) A good combination for a cool, crisp evening, both book and tea evoke a sense of richness and well-being.

A STUDY IN CHARLOTTE would go nicely with a cuppa English breakfast. Both are a nice American/English crossover, and can be enjoyed no matter what side of the pond you’re on.

IN A PICKLE would go well with a cup of Red Velvet Chocolate tea by The Republic of Tea. The chocolate notes might make you want to reach for an Oreo or two (Charlie Pickle’s favorite cookie.) This beverage is caffeine-free, so it’s bedtime story-safe!

And, to top all this off…A poem:


Taxes and facts all swirl ‘round my head.
The stuff in the morning, a drop before bed.
I swill it, I say it, I drink myself proud:
I am the tea-drinker. Tea’s what I’m about.
They have their fine blends, I blend not my own.
But to a mere snifter, I’d never say no.
To instants I shudder, to greens I give pause.
But to good old English brek, I can’t have enough.
Loose leaf is messy, so I am no staunch purist.
I drink some infusions, but black tea endureth.
There’s a brew for a cold, and a brew for a flu;
There’s one made for bloating, and PMS, too;
I’ve drunk some for temper, I’ve drunk some for blues;
I’d drink ‘em by the dozen, that much is true.
With a drop of white milk, and a heaping of sweet,
My cuppa tea is one you can’t beat.
I sip as I write this, a homage to the drink.
I’ll sum it all up, for the likes of those like me:
God save the Nectar of the Queen.
God bless this land, and let them drink tea!
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