Mourning, Trailers, & Epiphanies

Earlier this week–Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!–I had an epiphany of sorts. Or, rather, TWO epiphanies. They are as follows:

Epiphany #1: This actually was brought to my attention from a pal on Critique Circle (my online writing group.) I had posted that I was ashamed of myself for not getting any writing done on my novel since Chester (The Cat)’s final diagnosis. Evensong pointed out that I REALLY am in mourning.

Mind = BLOWN

I know, I know. It should have been obvious to me. The nights where I cry until I’m hyperventilating should’ve been a clue…Anyway, Evensong told me to be gentle and patient with myself. Keep writing…but for myself. Write about Chester. Or Cricket (kitteh.) So, yeah. I took her advice and I wrote over 200 words about the cats.

Epiphany #2: My one novelette was way too wordy and full of telling where it should have been showing. The POV character (also the narrator in the story) added a lot of remarks about his feelings and reactions to things. What brought me to this realization? Why, the second movie trailer for LOGAN, of course.

Here ’tis: Green-Band Trailer for LOGAN.

Now…have you watched it? Yeah? Who stood out the most in the trailer? Three guesses, and it wasn’t Logan–to me, at least. The young mutant girl stood out most, and yet she didn’t utter a single word (well, she did growl, I’ll give her that.) She expressed what she thought and felt through action, gestures (or lack of), and facial expressions.

Plus, the whole mood of the trailer led my mood as I hacked away at the manuscript. There were only forty-seven pages of story, so it didn’t take too long. But I think I have a strong, more expressive novelette to show for my work.

Have any epiphanies this week? TELL ME!

Keep your pen on the page,

2 thoughts on “Mourning, Trailers, & Epiphanies”

  1. I hold strong positive thoughts for your
    Time of grieving…i really do
    And The Epiphany was that trailer to me…. I
    Found it really cool and wonder about screen
    Writers🤔 And how they make it happen.

    Liked by 1 person

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