Status: Mourning

Sorry I’ve been quiet here. Over the span of one week, I’ve had two cats die. The house is so quiet now, not an animal within petting distance. I’ve never been without a cat.

Chester and Edwina were both wonderful cats.

Chester was my graduation present back in ’03. He helped me through the roughest ten years of my life (18 -28) and continued to be a wonderful companion and friend until the very end.

Here’s my tribute to him:

There’s a star cat waiting in the sky
He’s really kind of cuddly
And he thinks that God won’t mind.

Love and miss you, Bug, old friend.

Edwina passed last week. She loved water and getting in my mom’s way. Always there to greet her at the door. Who will do it now?

Love and miss you, Weeda, old pal.

Keep your pen on the page and hold your furry ones close.

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