Panic! at the Desk–Oh

Last week, I posted a fictitious tale that held a kernel of truth in it’s sun-stretched palms. This week, friends, I am going to share some cold, hard truths…. Several things in life are certain:

  1. Death (? – maybe? I believe in the Rapture, so I don’t know if I’ll die…fun thought, huh?)
  2. Taxes *cough* (No, you don’t get to learn what the cough means. It’s not exactly cheery news…)
  3. My mom watching an astronaut movie to lull herself to sleep
  4. Hearing the word NO, which leads to #5:
  5. Fear followed by…
  6. Anxiety/panic

The last few evenings have been full of free-floating anxiety, and I haven’t *quite* put my finger on the origins. I have my suspicions, but the truth is multi-faceted. As is my personality, but that’s a different topic for a different time.

But through the panic, God has been good. Here are the three people who have been my go-to source of comfort this last week:

  1. My mom. Seriously, this woman is full of sympathy and advice.
  2. Ruthie. She always has good words about my future, which is a comfort.
  3. Julene. She, like Ruthie, is full of encouragement.

^ Love these ladies.

So, I guess my advice for all you others out there struggling is this: FIND A SUPPORT SYSTEM.

If it means joining a support group online or in person, DO IT. If it means stepping outside of your comfort zone: TRY IT.

We’ve got this, guys.

Keep your pen on the page,

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