Crazy Times Call for…


Just kidding. Nothing super about me*…except for that one time when I slapped a hand-dryer and it started working again. Everyone called me the Fonz for the rest of the day. It was awesome. Just sayin’….anyway…

Things have not gotten any less crazy-busy here. Still helping the Sisterly One with her kids and stuff. AND there’s been a funeral and visitation this week…and this weekend is a wedding. AHHHHHHHHHH!

But. BUT! I was able–PTL!–to write 675 words. Dudes and dudettes, that is the most I’ve written since the 21st of last month 😀

In other news, anyone else having Google Chrome issues? A few days ago, my fave writing site wouldn’t work using Chrome, and today, Facebook is inaccessible using Chrome. What gives, Googly-Moogly?

Buh-bye. Must dash!

Keep your pen on the page,

*is secretly the new REAL LIFE Wonder Woman. Shh. You didn’t see that here.

Author: bethovermyer

Beth Overmyer wears several hats, all belonging to different writers. From fantastical kidlit to everyday popular fiction, Beth pens her work with gusto. In 2008, her screenplay The Method won best comedy at Gotham Screen’s contest, and in 2012, her MG book In a Pickle came out from MuseItUp Publishing.

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