What’s in a Name?

Hey there, guys. Today I have news–NO! Not THAT kind of news (and by “THAT” kind of news, I mean publishing news…don’t have it.) I have news about what’s going on behind the curtain.

For a while, I’ve been tinkering–hehe–around with the idea of a pen name. A nom de plume. An alter-ego. Clark Kent and Superman. Bruce Wayne and Batman. Hugh Jackman and Wolverine…*cough* But why? Beth’s no vigilante, roaming the streets in a cape and mask, bringing justice to the dark underbelly of society–right?  No, I roam the streets in a cape and mask because I like dress-up. Deal with it…and stop handing me candy. It’s insulting.

The reason I am going with a pen name is because I write both children’s (middle grade and young adult) and regular old adult fiction. By having a pen name in place, you’ll know better what kind of book you’ll be getting. This doesn’t solve the multiple-genre issue, but it at least takes care of age category.

So if you want to check out books by Beth Overmyer, MG & YA author, stick around here. But if you want more mature material, head on over to S.M. Tinker’s blog: http://smtinker.wordpress.com.

That’s what’s up in the Bethverse. Please stay tuned here–or there–or BOTH!

Keep your pen on the page,

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