Cultivating Faithfulness…ugh

So, I’m a Christian. And a writer. Here’s what I’m learning:

(Psalm 37:3) Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.

This wasn’t from the sermon this past Sunday, though it does strike me as being similar. See, we were reading from this book called Ecclesiastes, written by King Solomon (really rich/wise son of David.) The whole sermon is a little fuzzy in my head, but I internalized it and here’s how I’m applying it:

I need to be faithful in my writing, pressing on and giving it my best, even when there is not a shred of evidence that I should be taking this path.

I have been getting discouraged. A lot. My stats from 2016 thus far are not so great. I’ve been waiting for a sign. Something good to happen, you know? Something to kind of come up and say “Hey, Beth, what you’re doing is great. Keep up the good work.” And I wanted that something to come in the form of  an acceptance letter.

It hasn’t.

It hasn’t really come at all in any form. But I will keep taking this path. Why? Because God hasn’t pushed me off of it. Because I enjoy writing. And because I know that if I am faithful with what He’s given me, I will be rewarded. It might not come in the form of an acceptance or a pat on the back. It might be a more internal and eternal thing.

So let me encourage you, Christian or not: keep writing. Enjoy it. Do your best, no matter what. You always reap what you sow.

Keep your pen on the page,


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