Happy New Year!

My wishes/prayers for 2016

  • That we (the USA) elect the right candidate for president…whoever that might be
  • That my new niece or nephew is born healthy and happy (read: no colic!)
  • That my sister has a good remainder of her pregnancy
  • That I learn to give people the benefit of the doubt
  • That my books get picked up by an agent/publisher
  • That The Cat continue to be healthy and happy
  • That I grow closer to the Lord
  • That God blesses the ministry of Samaritan’s Purse, reaching nations and her peoples with medical relief, food, supplies, shelters, hospitals, the Good News, etc.
  • That my church family would grow closer
  • That my pastors would be blessed
  • That my friends and family would receive the One who brings a peace that passes all understanding
  • That my nation be protected and blessed

Have a wonderful 2016, folks, and please stick around! I appreciate every person who comments, views, likes, shares. You make running this blog worthwhile.

Keep your pen on the page,

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