I did a post on Facebook and a post on Twitter the other day. I’d had an epiphany, inspired by a post that a fellow Believer had written on the web. The revelation was something I already knew, but could easily be lost in the hustle and bustle of trying to get noticed: people are important and they are not numbers. Yes, this is great. This is true. But I’m left asking: how does one apply this to marketing? Hold onto your butts. I’m not done.

I want to sell books and be read. I’d be foolish to just write books, publish them, and expect everyone to just run and buy them. A publisher isn’t going to want an author who’s lazy about the marketing aspect of things. I agreed with the statement in the article that good work is like a city on a hill: it can’t help but be noticed. This is kind of true, but a little not.

These statements ring truer to me:

People are important to God. They are not numbers.


God does not reward laziness. The faithful servant is the one who makes a wise investment of his time and provisions and opportunities.

Where does that leave me? I don’t want to use people. But is a plumber using people by putting ads in the paper or his number in the Yellow Pages? Does a baker just shrug when people ask her what she does? How am I being a light on a hill if I’m writing covertly in a corner and not talking to people?

In conclusion…

  1. I am not going to shove my work down your throat
  2. But I’m also not going to pretend that it’s not out there

There rest I need to figure out. Please be patient with me. I’m frustrated and a little NaNoWriMo’d out :/

Keep your pen on the page,

2 thoughts on “Transparency”

  1. I feel ya on this. It’s so hard to balance being true to yourself as a writer who wants to–ya know–actually promote their darlings begotten of hardwork… and feeling like the jerk who’s just in this for the popularity contest to get their darn stuff to sell.

    Don’t be discouraged! I think you’ve found the happy medium. ❤

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    1. Glad to know I’m not alone here! It’s hard :/ Thank you for your encouragement. Hopefully we shall prevail victoriously (how else does one prevail?) with many book sales and real friends…without compromising anything!

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