Did I Dream THAT?!

The other night, I dreamed it was the end of the world. For a brief moment, gravity went bye-bye, so there were lots of floating cars and people. Then everything came down with an all-mighty CRASH! and a certain Mid Eastern country started bombing us.

Guess what? That was a mundane dream for me. Normally I’m being tortured or turned into a cyborg. Or I’m Spider-Girl or Superwoman. Sometimes I can teleport with a turn of the heel and the swish of a cloak. Usually, the dreams I have find me trying to save the day. Maybe I have a hero-complex (better than the darker alternative, the martyr-complex.)

Whatever the cause, dreams make good fodder for story-telling. I once had an vivid dream about an alien invasion. I plan on turning that into a book someday. I also dream titles: Mrs. Willoughby’s Regrets, for example (I even dreamed the premise that goes with it.)

So, the next time you ask a writer “Where do your ideas come from?” you’ll probably get the normal “Oh, from anywhere and everywhere” answer. This is true. But if you’re looking to become a writer yourself, why not keep a dream diary? The second you open your eyes, write down as much of the dream as you can remember. I also find it helpful to not open my eyes right away after having a dream. Just lie there and play the details through your mind again a few times.

Well, another random post for another random day. I’m off to check my email for the bazillionth time today.

Ciao, guys!

Keep your pen on the page,

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