The Buddy System

Music: Mixed tape (cool stuff, from the Poldark soundtrack to the Galavant soundtrack)
In the mug: Blueberry energy tea
Tea bag saying: Love is an elevated self (whatever that means)
#AmReading: All the Light We Cannot See (though I haven’t read much of it lately)

Yesterday was Writer Wednesday…for me, at least. It’s the day where I get to see at least one of my writer friends. We catch up on each other’s news (“Did the publisher get back to you?” “How goes the first draft?” “Any idea where this semi-colon should go?”), encourage each other, and sometimes (okay, usually) we write something.

When it’s not Wednesday, I still have writer friends I contact on my online writing group (The Critique Circle.) We do pretty much the same thing, encouraging each other, setting goals, catching up on what’s going on. ‘Cause let’s face it: this art thing is a lonely gig, and no man is an island.

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it sure as heck takes a community to nurture and grow a writer. We need that support, those people that nudge us in the right direction. We need to surround ourselves with fellow dreamers…and the people who will occasionally whip our butts into shape.

For my non-writer friends: when you’re on a diet or exercise kick, isn’t it easier doing it with friends for motivation? Or if you’re reading a book, isn’t funner to know someone who’s reading/has read the same thing so you can discuss it with them?

I think if I didn’t have a support system of fellow writers, I’d probably go bonkers and do something really stupid–like maybe quit. So thank you, thank you to those who are willing to come alongside me and be part of my buddy system. Let’s keep each other from drowning in Drafting Land, yes?

Keep your pen on the page,


Do you have anyone to go to with your writing woes? Your ups and downs? Take a moment to thank them.

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