We Don’t Need No Education–Or Do We?

To be honest, I really hated school. I hated the sameness, the predictability. I knew that I was going to argue with my teacher over math (every. single. day.) I knew that I’d flunk the science quiz no matter how hard I studied. And I knew that I would be all too relieved when it was all over with.

But the problem was: I didn’t believe there would be life after school. A part of me thought I’d just die, or the world would end or something. I couldn’t see beyond. I couldn’t see the prizes, what education gives you:

– A mind that questions, thinks for itself

– A diploma, which can open many doors that wouldn’t open otherwise

– A lot of stories to tell the future generations

– A sense of accomplishment

– A head full of knowledge (hopefully!)

(I must confess: I enjoyed drama club in high school, which led me to…)

After high school, I took some college courses at my local community college: fencing (well, I did that my senior year of HS), introduction to theatre, and introduction to stagecraft. I thought I might have a future in dramaturgy or something else theatre-y.

What did I learn?:

– A lot of personal things about one of my profs that I really did’t want to know

– That I wasn’t really cut out for theatre

– That I could get passing grades with my writing

For the final project in intro to theatre, our assignment was to write a play. The teacher nominated the play that I wrote to be entered into the school’s playwright competition, where it was performed and made it to the final round against five other plays. I didn’t place, but my point is: You’re good at something. You have a passion for something. And school can help you find that, whether you’re going to be a rocket scientist or a writer.

I maybe wouldn’t have found my passion if I hadn’t had high school drama club, and I would definitely not have been allowed in drama club if I’d quit school.

College isn’t for everyone. But if you’re in school right now (high school teens, I’m looking at you), please see this thing through. You will be so proud of yourself that you stayed the course, that you did it. I know that I am.

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